Vector 3 and Whiteways work together to offer the best playout solutions

best playout solutions

Vector 3 and Whiteways work together to offer the best playout solutions

Vector 3, manufacturers of VectorBox and other playout and TV production software tools, are pleased to announce the endorsement of Whiteways ME FZE, the Middle East HQ of Whiteways the renowned System Integrator and broadcast supplier based in Singapore, as a Preferred Partner. In the upcoming weeks, the two companies are going to show to selected customers the recent additions to Vector 3 portfolio, including VBox DAI, the dynamic ad-insertion for broadcast (BDAI) and the cloud disaster recovery playout VectorBox DR. Also, for national and premium channels there will be demos and presentations of Drillarium, the most advanced tool for control and monitoring for multichannel and distributed operation. Relationship of Vector 3 and Whiteways dates back to more than a decade and has been very successful, with happy customers spread all over South East Asia, from Oceania to Middle East and from Sri Lanka to Himalayas.“The expertise of Whiteways engineers installing and configuring our products is a guarantee for our customers and is the core of our relationship” says Roman Ceano, Business Development Manager of Vector 3, “We look forward to extend the benefit of our relationship with Whiteways with many more customers in the near future”.

The video server is one of the most critical piece of equipment in a broadcast set up. It has to be chosen with great care. Vector 3 has proven their worth by being successful for more than 2 decades. Many customers who have installed Vector 3 many years ago are still using it. The repeat customers are the secret to the longevity of Vector 3 in the industry.


About Vector 3

Vector 3 is a leading provider of IT-based automation and playout solutions. First to market with a channel-in-a-box solution, Vector 3 continues to lead the market in the development of cutting-edge IT-based solutions such as Drillarium, the multichnanel playout control and monitoring. Based on more than 25 years’ experience, Vector 3’s solutions are reliable and scalable, in use all day every day in over 1000 customer installations worldwide, ranging from single-channel operations to multi-site, multi-channel broadcasters. For more information please visit


About Whiteways

Whiteways is an award winning system integrator and manufacturer. Whiteways operates in more than 20 countries of Asia Pacific. Whiteways has introduced cutting edge products and technologies to countries in the Asia Pacific region. Operating for more than a decade – Whiteways has built up a large team of in house experts with great engineering talent. When customer require large, complex systems to be installed – they look for Whiteways. Whiteways has recently established their regional Middle East HQ in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. For more information – please visit –