VectorBox Channel

Playout, ingest and playout for SD, HD & 4K

Performance, adaptability and durability. Our solutions are adapted to different transmission models, both for local single-channel broadcasters and large multichannel production centers.

vbox channel

Automatic continuity

VBox Channel manages video, audio, channel branding, effects, secondary events, live programmes as well as reading and writing all kinds of ad-insertion triggers. VBox Channel inputs and outputs support SDI, HDSDI, NDI, ST2110 and most streaming formats and can work natively, in bare metal, VM or Cloud.

On prem and/or cloud playout with SCTE35 read and write for FAST workflows in OTT platforms.

VBox Channel is the playout automation that pioneered the channel-in-a-box concept being the preferred solution worldwide for professional broadcasters



Channel operators and engineers will have full control to manage any functionality of VBox Channel, always with the support of our technical support to solve any doubt.


Capture of sequence, file and playlist data


Playback of content, graphics, subtitles and metadata in multiple SD, HD and 4K streaming formats

SaaS playout and automation platform

Multimedia library

Search system for adding and editing playlists


Up to 5 TB of space and expandable as needed

Automated processing

Data programming playout lists, EPG, graphic locations, ad insertion, etc.


Adaptive and configurable subtitle settings, available from third-party lists.

Advanced graphics

Support for videos, graphics, dynamic effects and animations with metadata display, RSS, captions, etc.


AWS encryption, role-based user permissions, user activity audit trail and customizable alerts

advantages and BENEFITS

Why VBox Channel

VBox Channel adapts to the needs of different types of channels, allowing efficient and automated management of continuities through a single operator.

The safest option

Legacy reliability of the VectorBox brand: with multiple hardware and Cloud configurations, VBox Channel is future-proof.

Adaptability and flexibility

Both traditional and new IP formats: NDI, SRT, DVB, RTMP, receive contributions and broadcast program signals over the Internet.

Innovative technology

VBox Channel is natively prepared for the new television over IP, both in the studio with the affirmation of NDI, and in contribution and distribution with the massive use of Internet streaming formats.

Unlimited configurations

VBox Channel offers unlimited presets and configurations to adapt to the working mode of all channels: from routing equipment to EPGs, from third-party playlist formats to playout logs to send to accounting, from SNMP monitoring systems to RSS data streams.

User-friendly interface and design

Fully modifiable user interface or dynamic redundancy are just two examples of how without changing the software, VBox Channel can be adjust during installation or at any time to the actual needs of use.

Technical support 24/7

VBox Channel's experience in extremely demanding environments has given its engineers and developers the ability to diagnose any incident, determine the cause and propose a solution within minutes.


Customized to your project

VBox Zero

Minimum hardware

VBox Channel HD 1

1 playlist

VBox Channel HD 4

4 playlists



All models have H264 and H265 (HEVC) streaming inputs and outputs over SRT, DVB, HLS, RTTP, etc.


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