Best of breed for News production


It is an undeniable truth that free journalism is the basis of a healthy democracy, and that fascinating the audience is an art. But the creation and delivery of news in audiovisual media is a very competitive industry where idealism and artistic ambition cannot survive without craft and technology.


Optimising the flow of news production

Process and deliver stories with efficiency and at the adequate tempo requires appropriate tools used by highly trained professionals. The newsroom, the studio and the media management must be three parts of a device that connects people in a single collaborative effort. However, each of these three activities have different tempos and different nature, and the operability in one habitat must not hamper the operability of the other two.

VBox News was designed to be part of this ensemble, performing the playout in the studio with full reliability and flexibility, helping editors and operators to concentrate in the flow of the live programme, be it a pleasant fare through a routine bulletin or the weathering of a frenetic storm of rundown changes and unexpected developments. VBox News is always fully synchronized with the newsroom, exchanging in real time rundown modifications and the status of each story. It allows the studio to follow the newsroom or to take control, depending on the circumstances (who is in the studio, what’s going on, etc). It is also flexible in its way to interact with the people and the equipment in the studio, controlling the mixer or being controlled by it, feeding the videowall or working as shotbox.


Advanced tools for the newsroom


Newsrooms are the brain and the heart of news production and the NRCS is what makes them run smoothly and efficiently. After a long evolution guided by the thousands of journalists using it worldwide for decades, Octopus 12 is today the most powerful and flexible tool to streamline production in television newsrooms. It adapts to any workflow, story-centric as well as traditional rundown-centric, streamlining the entire news production from news gathering, through planning and assignments, to rundown creation, and digital publishing all the way to archiving and reporting. Octopus 12 and the complementary tools can go much beyond the traditional physical newsroom combining on-premise and web capabilities to gather news in real time and allowing collaboration of journalists and people far away from each other.

An smart and agile shared management of media is the key of success for a news production facility. Editshare provides FLOW, the MAM that completes the ensemble managing and tracking up to millions of files. It integrates seamlessly with NLEs and auxiliary image applications, supporting any frame rate, format and scaling up to 8K. FLOW can ingest, index, tag, organize, edit and archive for long-term, simplifying and automating any workflow. EFS (EditShare’s Media Engineered Storage Platform) lies at the heart of this infrastructure. EFS is specifically designed for editorial and playout, utilizing a proprietary file system engineered for mission-critical playback of media files that allows safe and efficient work to as many workstations as needed.

These three best of breed products working together create an environment of efficiency, reliability and ergonomics where journalist can excel, never overwhelmed by the incoming news, never lagging behind the rundown.


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