Multichannel Smart Playout

DRILLARIUM is the master control room software which integrates the power and flexibility of state-of-the-art technology with the broadcast tradition of exceptional image quality and frame accuracy.


Take control

The current broadcast environment demands an ever-increasing number of channels being supervised by a single operator. Vector 3 has created the tool for this new paradigm of playout.

The DRILLARIUM’s frontend gives operators and managers the best available experience with configurable, intuitive user interfaces and smart to-the-point monitoring. The backend boasts a coherent and time-tested set of modules combining in resilient redundant configurations to fit the needs of any broadcaster, from national TV stations to large-scale multichannel playout facilities.


Stress free operation​

With DRILLARIUM, operating and monitoring a sophisticated, complex multichannel playout is an experience of control and comfort.

DRILLARIUM checks the status of the equipment involved in the playout and the availability of the material needed for the emission, solving what can be solved automatically and informing the operator in advance of any potential problems that require human attention. Warnings are presented in a structured and timely manner allowing broadcasters to investigate, manage and solve any issues long before they become problems.



The modularity of DRILLARIUM not only allows for the creation of structures that adapt to the needs of each customer, it also allows these structures to have the redundancy required by the criticality of the installation.

DRILLARIUM is composed of fully mature software working on best-in-class off-the-shelf hardware, and each module is extremely dependable in itself. When connecting modules dynamically, an outstanding systemic resiliency is obtained. The modular structure also gives an extraordinary capacity to grow with granularity and an outstanding ease of maintenance because any module can be put off-air without the system as a whole losing any capacity.



DRILLARIUM is designed and built to integrate.

DRILLARIUM and the modules that comprise it can interact seamlessly with any third-party component, appliance, source or protocol that can be found in a master control room. It integrates with leading MAM and traffic systems using dedicated REST APIs, XML or JSON, it can receive metadata using RSS or any real time format, it can control any router and mixer using their native protocols, it can control videoservers with VDCP and its videoserver can play and ingest all major codecs and wrappers used in the industry.



Videofiles, playlists and graphics are updated as often as configured for the system to be always ready to resume emission in case is required. Choose your preferred level of availability.


DRILLARIUM dashboard is a smart, configurable and sophisticated GUI that displays the relevant data while allowing the operator to drill in any direction to know more about any aspect of what is going on in the facility. It also permits to easily control all the components and processes acting in the emission. DRILLARIUM dashboard was conceived by one of the most prestigious designing studios in the world and incorporates the new trends of ergonomy in GUI design


VServer is the first videoserver based on off-the-shelf hardware and the first with effects and graphics. It supports up to 8 reversible ports of SDI, NDI, 2110, SRT and various streaming schemes such as RTP, RTMP, UDP, DVB, etc. It can create proxies while ingesting, it can play from local disk or from NAS, it can ingest and play the various flavours of UHD and can fully work in the cloud as can DRILLARIUM itself


MCRServer modules are the hearts of DRILLARIUM, beating for each channel while pushing the playlists forward with frame accuracy. MCR server can read a huge variety or playlist formats of the major brands and have a huge variet of asrun logs not only for commercial and traffic needs but also for forensics.


DeviceServer is used by DRILLARIUM to interact control with all the third party equipment. It can control and monitor a no end list of graphics systems, routers, mixers, videoservers (via VDCP), and VTRs (if any), and with RS422 ports and/or GPi contacts for legacy equipment with no IP ports.


Autovia manages dynamically the redundancy of DRILLARIUM’s system on a channel by channel bassis. It hears in real time the life signal of all the components and processes, reacting to each situation with pre-planned procedures, guiding the operator during the incident and helping the maintenance.

Media Manager

FileBased workflows require the files to be moved from one storage location to the other at a certain path that guarantee that will be where needed when needed. This task is performed by the sub-modules composing MediaManager that pull or push the files having always in mind not only the current playlist on-air of each channel but also the playlist for future days or weeks.


Case Studies

Case Study

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) uses Drillarium for the linear broadcast of its content

Case Study

A large multi-channel station that broadcasts to the entire African continent implements Drillarium


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