intelligent redundancy


Redundancy and security

Autovia is the most flexible, reliable and advanced dynamic redundancy management solution for Channel-in-a-box systems on the market.

intelligent redundancy

Advanced redundancy

Even the most tested and robust software can’t work properly if the hardware fails.

Therefore, the total security of the broadcast requires a duplication of the hardware elements that, unlike the software, heat up, wear out and can age prematurely.


Channel protection

Redundancy consists of having spare parts for the hardware elements that can fail. Its objective is to protect the broadcast of the channels that are being operated. For this reason, Autovia manages and monitors the necessary elements for the broadcast using the perspective of continuity of each channel. The operator knows at all times which equipment has problems or is offline and how this affects each channel, as well as the options available to restore the broadcast or restore the desired level of redundancy.

Custom redundancy

Duplicating all the necessary elements for the emission is very effective, but it is expensive.

Autovia goes further and allows the creation of redundancy structures (n+m) where the backup elements are shared by many channels. However, this does not mean that all channels are levelled to the same priority.

The Autovia configuration allows some channels to be protected more than others, assigning priorities that reflect the balance between risk and investment in redundancy decided for each broadcast channel.


1+1 Redundancy

Classic redundancy, called 1+1 or “mirror”, is the safest and the one that minimizes the transition time from normal mode to redundant mode.

Autovia allows very short reaction times conditioned solely by the communications infrastructure. A broadcast managed by Autovia + two mirrored VBox Channels offers a level of security for continuity of the TV channel typical of industries such as chemicals or energy.

solución de playback e ingesta

Monitoring and control

To minimize the severity and duration of the potential incidents, instant automatic reaction is crucial, both for unattended systems and for operated equipment.

Once the incident is resolved, it will be necessary to repair or replace the equipment that has failed and for this, human intervention will be necessary. Autovia not only offers the operators all the information on the nature of the incident and the status of the installation, also allows them to intervene and modify operation and maintenance priorities.


Playlists and video files

For both 1+1 redundancy and n+m redundancy, Autovia guarantees that the elements that make the channel broadcast possible (the playlist and the video files) are accessible to both the backup elements and for those used in normal mode (main). The playlists used by the spare elements are kept always fully synchronized with those used in main playout, making sure that incorporate changes made even a second before the incident. Also, the necessary files are copied to disks available for the spare components

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