Tele Elda


Tele Elda is a Spanish local TV that belongs to Cableworld group. It offers about 200 TV cable channels, fibre Internet, landline and mobile telephone and WiMAX Internet in many cities of Alicante’s province and Murcia. The main towns Cableworld covers with local cable television are Novelda, Aspe, Agost, Elda, Petrer and Monóvar. In the near future Cableworld is happy to announce they are thinking in opening a new local channel in a nearby town. 

The Challenge

A large local cable television group like Cableworld needed to modernize their playout facilities in order to offer its viewers high definition cable television. Vector 3 has been working on the implementation of  VectorBox solutions in some of their facilities so that we could ease them the transition from SD to HD broadcasting.

It’s been the first time VectorBox is installed in Novelda, so Vector 3’s team is still training and giving support to Cableworld operators. Nevertheless, as José Aragó Moreno, a TeleNovelda Technician, stated to Vector 3’s team ‘Vector 3’s solutions are perfect to supervise the whole playout process’.

The Solution

Vector 3 has implemented VectorBox SD, VectorBox HD and VectorBox simulcast SD&HD to different Cableworld’s facilities. Even though the last one is still on trial, in Tele Elda are feeling confident with the setting-up, since Vector 3’s support team are always available in case of emergency.

Vector 3 brings to Cableworld the most advanced playout automation solution, a compact solution for HD with the automatic upscaling and downscaling from SD to HD.