FAST platforms: what are their advantages?

With the FAST (Free Ad Streaming TV) distribution system, a television channel can expand its reach, generate new revenue streams, and remain competitive in a media landscape that is increasingly going digital.

FAST platforms advantatges

FAST distribution provides several advantages to both an existing television channel and a new channel project:

  • Greater reach: the TV channel can reach a wider and more diverse audience, as viewers are no longer limited to those who have access to traditional television.
  • Monetization: TV channels can generate revenue through advertising, which can complement or even replace traditional sources of funding.
  • Interactivity: The possibility of interacting directly with your audience online and live is an opportunity to obtain reviews, comments and opinions about the programs and make decisions about them, in addition to generating a “Community” effect on your audience.
  • Flexibility and control: platforms provide greater control over content distribution and monetization
  • Cost savings: distribution can be more cost-effective than traditional methods, as it eliminates the need for costly infrastructure.
  • Data and analytics: the platforms provide rich data and analytics that can help channels optimize their marketing campaigns, better understand the needs of their audience and thus improve their programming.

How to monetize your channel with VectorBox technology

VBox DAI and VBox FAST

Vector3 meets this challenge with the new dynamic ad insertion and FAST solutions: VBox DAI and VBox FAST. We can convert any TV channel into FAST through SRT or HLS distribution with SCTE35 brand insertion, advanced EPG and integrations with Digital Adservers for dynamic ad insertion (DAI). Cloud deployment allows the generation of FAST TV channels, Pop Up TV FAST, VOD to FAST in minimum time and cost.