Mountain Top TV


Mountain Top TV is a local and young TV from Kentucky. It is the logic result of many decades of radio experience and the thrill of a small, but professional team to offer their viewers reliable, truly local news, sports and weather.

The Challenge

With only 2 years Mountain Top TV has moved from broadcasting on 2 cable systems and online streaming to the much bigger structure it has become now. Also, their demand for additional coverage led them to ask Vector 3’s team for a network playout to manage syndicated content as well as their locally produced shows. As a young television, Mountain Top TV wanted to start with the state-of-the-art technology and Vector 3 took the opportunity to offer the most advanced playout automation solution. Playout will be carried out in HD 1080p 30fs with the graphics being created in real time

The Solution

VectorBox8000HD is the perfect solution for Mountain Top TV needs since it offers the broadcasters a compact solution for HD with the automatic upscaling and downscaling easing the transition from SD to HD. An MCR Client gives the operators full flexibility to build their playlists from any place as if they were in the master control room. They can check the video-file, edit an incoming signal while being recorded, top & tail editing, trim graphics and effects, etc. Besides, VectorBox controls the insertion of syndicated files in a very efficient way. When it receives a pulse, VectorBox automatically inserts the clips wherever you programmed it in the playlist. A switcher AJA KUMO 1616 with 16×16 is controlled by the VectorBox. The ingest of the files is managed by Media Manager. In the same facilities these files are ingested, copied to a 2TB Buffalo Terastation NAS and prepared to go live according to the playlist. 
Media Manager Monitor allows operators to supervise the whole process in a very intuitive way.