The front end for large scale playout

The current broadcast environment demands an ever-increasing number of channels being supervised by a single operator. Vector 3 has created the tool for this new paradigm of playout.

what is drillarium

Multicannel Smart PLayout

The frontend gives operators and managers the best available experience with configurable, intuitive user interfaces and smart to-the-point monitoring. The backend boasts a coherent and time-tested set of modules combining in resilient redundant configurations to fit the needs of any broadcaster, from national TV stations to large-scale multichannel playout facilities.

VBox Disaster Recovery will continue the emission even if the master control room is affected.

The emission cannot be affected by any emergency situation.


Same Signal

VBox DR creates a TV signal identical and interchangeable with that created on-prem.

Not a any single person in the audience will notice that the emission has went to emergency mode. With VBox DR you will continue feeding your carriers with the most traditional broadcast quality TV signal, just that will come from the cloud, safe from all harm.


Total security

Disasters are unpredictable and until strike you do not know how much impact can have in your operations. 

VBox DR will continue emission even if your master control room is affected. It will go unmanned if needed so or under the command of operators located anywhere. Playout in cloud is in some sense nowhere but in many senses is everywhere.


User friendly

VBox DR works in the cloud with the same technology that creates world-class channels in major premium television stations.

It works with the same videofile formats that are used in standard playouts, it goes top to top with the same certainty and it plays graphics with the same accuracy. Maintenance and configuration can be done by in-house personnel without third party help.

ventajas y BENEFICIOS

Total synchronization

VBox Disaster Recovery keeps automatically synchronized with the main playout.

Videofiles, playlists and graphics are updated as often as configured for the system to be always ready to resume emission in case is required. Choose your preferred level of availability.


Already On Air
Channels are up and running and a mirror signal is provided to your carriers and networks.

No action needed


On-air at 3 seconds notice
Channels are up and running but no signal comes out. Cloud provider only charges for CPU usage.

Switch to Air


On-air at 3 minutesnotice
Instances are awakened only in case of need. No charge from the cloud provider.

- Awake the instances
- Trigger playout
- Switch to air