Efficiency and quality

VectorBox LT is the ideal choice for TV channels requiring a practical and professional broadcast system at an appropriate price point. The ability to insert logos, tickers and “lower thirds” provides the flexibility to design channels presentations that build a brand image for their audience. The support of most compressions and wrappers used in the industry allows a wide-ranging flexibility in workflows. Its compatibility with file systems and MAM make VectorBox LT a product that is easily integrated in all environments. Remote or local management and monitoring capabilities add an extra layer of operational flexibility allowing the system to be seamlessly integrated into any workflow. 


1 Preview (SDI)
1 optional streaming (NDI, MPEG2 in DVB or H264 in several packetizations)

1 recorder (SDI, NDI, or H264 in several packetizations)
1 for passthrough in LIVE and RECLIVE lines (SDI, NDI, or H264 in several packetizations)File formats supported for broadcast:
Video Compressions: XDCAM 4: 2: 2 50, XAVC HD1080 Intra, XAVC HD1080 LongGop, DVCPro 100, AVC Intra 100, DNxHD, ProRes, etc …
Audio compressions: AAC, AC3, MP2
Containers (wrappers): MOV, MXF, MPG, MP4, GXF, WAV, AIFF

File formats supported for recording: 
H264 coding in MP4 and MPEG wrappers