Vector MultiPlay

Vector MultiPlay CG

  • RSS news tickers
  • Audience SMS for chat and on-air polls
  • Automatic titling, including music clips
  • Ads for special offers on home shopping channels
  • "Next Program" tags and "Tonight" screens
  • Clocks, weather forecasts, etc.

Vector MultiPlay CG maintains the visual artistry without compromising the story… flawlessly. There are hundreds of stations that populate satellite, cable and digital TV. To visually rise above the fray, a channel needs an effective branding tool. With over 20 years of engineering expertise built-in, the Vector MultiPlay CG is the definitive IT-based solution offering the industry’s best on-air graphics management.

On-air graphics systems must balance the artistic aspect of graphic overlays with the need to communicate the right video, text and data at the right time. Vector MultiPlay CG fully respects the artistic integrity of the designs by supporting industry standard graphic design file formats with an overlay process that maintains full image quality. The Vector MultiPlay CG data acquisition system is based on XML both for structure and data, guaranteeing total compatibility with current methods of storing and sending information.

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