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How to manage disconnections.

All Vector 3 products are able to be used in networked playout and specifically support the features required for syndication and local insertion. VectorBox as a channel-in-a-box solution is a preferred option for spokes while MultiPlay can both be deployed as a multichannel hub and/or to customize as many channels as needed by branding and inserting local material. For the latter specific purpose there is a dedicated tool that allows the monitoring and operation of any number of simultaneous multi-channel disconnections.


In a spoke, syndicated affiliate, local branch, etc... VectorBox performs the insertion and/or the branding in the most flexible and efficient way. From the cases in which the local playlist is just an appendix of the main one; to the cases where the main signal is used only occasionally; VectorBox controls the insertion and synchronizes it with the incoming feed. Not only video but also graphics can be used to rebrand the incoming signal, sponsoring, give service messages or simply add a clock with the local time.

The VectorBox playlist provides powerful and flexible tools for loops and springs to adjust emission time for the fixed programmes. It is also able to work in time delay mode for insertions covering several time zones. Management of time windows permits a sophisticated control of the blocks to be played out.

Various technical ways are supported to trigger disconnections, including cue tones, IP, VITC, ATC, LTC, etc... Because VectorBox is fully built on standard computer technology, it boasts a total connectivity that makes remote operation straightforward, as well as the added option of using the MCR Client over WAN.


AdInsertion001 Vector3

Before and after receiving a trigger.


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