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Software for censorship and Ad Insertion.

In these turbulent times, broadcasters need a tool that enables them to easily and discreetly protect themselves against the risk of being sued by third parties for damages of any kind. Both direct broadcasts and programming received from other countries could include content that is distressing for the audience. Supervisor provides the broadcaster with just this kind of protection.

Therefore, it makes of Supervisor the perfect tool for broadcasters to easily remove inappropiate content on the fly, replace it with different images or modify the existing one. It can be very useful when the TV station needs to blur an image (p.e. minors or adults who haven’t given permission to be on TV) or silence sounds while the clip is running.

Supervisor is based on Vector 3’s renowned VServer technology, creating a time delay loop which the operator can work in. The interface is designed to be especially user-friendly.

Supervisor can also be used to insert local advertising or content.


Supervisor001 Vector3 

Example of Supervisor layout, prepared to be modified by the operator with ‘Mosaic’ or ‘Beep’ effects (1) in the timeline (2).


The main advantage of using Supervisor is that it enables the user to implement censor-ship to a clip or modify it. In the following images we can see some examples of silence and add text (‘Beep’ effect and ‘censored’) on the left and a blur effect (‘Mosaic’ effect) on the right:


Supervisor002 Vector3


In the Effects bar of the timeline we see an insertion of the ‘Beep’ effect to mute the clip and text overlayed in the clip.

In the example on the left the effect chosen is ‘Mosaic’ to blur the image. With the timeline the user decides its duration with ‘in’ and ‘out’ marks.


Also, Supervisor can be used to insert commercials or live local content overlayed to the original clip. And that’s what we can see in the following image:


Supervisor003 Vector3

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