Vector MultiPlay

MCR Client

Multichannel playout automation software.




MCR Client is the new component of the Vector Multiplay set of building blocks for playout. It allows operators to control channels from any location in the world as if they were in the master control room. MCR Client gives total architectural flexibility to the broadcast engineers in the planning of playout facilities and workflows.

All the core functions of Multiplay can be combined in a never ending collection of different topologies. The MCR Client adds its own layer of variability in the configuration of playout centers with its two key features: the possibility of controlling the playout of channels simultaneously from different workstations and the fact that these workstations can be any anywhere around the planet. MCR Client breaks any geographical limitation of playout.

The MCR Client consists of a series of components used to manage broadcasting and operation of the playlist. Although each component performs a different function, they all share a series of common features. In the following list there are the components of MCR Client:

  • Playlist window

  • Catalogue window

  • Status window

  • VTRcontrol window

  • Vu-meters window

  • Switcher / Matrix / Mixer control window

  • CG Console window

  • Logo Insertion control window

  • Catalogue search window

  • Warnings window

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