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Imagena is the software used by graphic artists to create templates and pages for on-air graphics. To use Imagena in full performance you will only need a standard PC.

Imagena consists of a graphics template and a crawl editor. It includes all the tools you may need to easily create dynamic 32-bit graphic templates with text, animations and crawls. Imagena allows users to import images and animations from popular graphics applications, such as Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX or After Effects.

Texts can be included in the graphics templates or inserted in real-time for live-titling applications such as sports events or a news program. Moreover, text can also be imported as XML or text files.

Vector 3 has created Imagena in order to get the most from VectorBox and VectorMultiplay graphic capacity and offer the televisions a big range of possibilities in broadcasting. Imagena is the perfect tool for TV channels to highlight and differentiate to others because it allows to create your own channel look by creating your own backgrounds, TV programmes logos, colours and fonts, etc. Also, Imagena can be the key to achieve channel branding and generate revenue from publicity, SMS and other text insertions as part of daily broadcasting.

Following, we have a few examples of the possibilities Imagena gives to users:

Music video cow rgb










News widescreen rgb









Weather husky rgb

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