IBC2IBC travel log - Day 2

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The Challenge - London to Amsterdam - three days by bike from Central London to the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam where the vast majority of the Broadcast Industry meet to showcase their wares.

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Morning came on so soon and we were all up attending to our bikes, cleaning off the grime from the previous day, lubricating as appropriate and checking out tyres for flint and shards that had become lodged in, making sure we were giving ourselves as good a chance as we could to avoid puncture along the rest of the way, needless to say we picked up more punctures on the way, with Mike Casey winning the “King of the Punctures” Jersey with 5.

Jemma had kindly washed our jerseys overnight and they were waiting for us as we filed into breakfast, to refuel for the days ride ahead.



Day 2 was in complete contrast to day 1, no traffic to deal with, lovely cycle paths to cruise along, lovely countryside to ride through and as flat as a pancake.

So as we milled around waiting for the “off” we were all looking forward to experiencing how cycling was done over this side of the channel, this being the first time for a number of us.


The cycle paths were clear of debris, great riding surface and gave us a great view of the countryside and so as we ate up the miles or kilometres, we were speeding through Belgium and into The Netherlands.


Flags were flying, well this one on top of a crane to welcome us as we made our way into the Netherlands.


Seaside views along the way.


Looks like we found a hill to cycle up and along.

Hill to cycle up

Dinner was waiting for us at the end of Day 2 and a chance for us all to unwind, exchange stories of the days riding and look forward to the last days cruise into Amsterdam.

Day 2 Dinner

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