How to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the modern times

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In about a fortnight many people around the world will celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. However, celebrations and activities are changing, specially among the young ones. Since the Monkey years are believed to be the most unlucky for people born in a year of the Monkey, in Vector 3 we want to show you the most shocking and modern ways to celebrate the coming year.
Pay attention to attract good luck into your life this 2016!
  1. The tradition says that people should send each other good wishes during the Spring Festival. Nowadays cell phone messages have replaced the New Year cards that people in the past sent for Chinese New Year's Eve. Instant message apps such as WeChat (the most popular App in China, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in the West) are the trendy way to greet family and friends.
  2. Red envelopes can be digitally replaced too. It's said that red envelopes give good luck and money to those receiving them. In 2015 appeared the App-sent/received "red envelopes" and became so popular among the New York's young people. So many people last year spend their holiday time exchanging cyber money with red envelope apps for fun.
  3. Don't be afraid of being single for the Chinese New Year's Eve. Many traditional families expect to get their sons and daughters married before the 30s. A temporary solution could be renting a boyfriend or a girlfriend for the New Year. An ingenious but probably ridiculous solution appeared online. There are many websites and specialized agents in finding you a date for the good price of 100 yuan (16 USD) a day. Can you believe that?
  4. Eating musts for the New Year. Fish is believed to bring a surplus of money and good luck in the coming year. But there are many othe typical New Year foods you can try to have the best of your luck like spring rolls, sweet rice balls or dumplings.
  5. Finally, we need to talk about superstitions and taboos for the Spring Festival Season because it's believed that the way the year's starts can affect you during the whole year. You will see the red colour everywhere for about a month before the Chinese New Year because red is said to ward off bad luck and misfortune. So, for everyone, but specially those born in a year of the Monkey, red underwear is a must for 2016!
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