3D real time graphics on UHD: The new frontier

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Technical achievements at the high end of the playout market are as remarkable as in the 10 Kb range. If nowadays technology permits you can watch TV on your cell phone while trekking in a remote forest, it can also bring to your living room the most marvellous visual experiences. Vector 3 and Ventuz have joined forces to offer broadcasters a videoserver able to provide superb images that audiences are demanding on their new generation UHD TVs. This new videoserver combines the Vector 3 VServer with the Ventuz solutions for on-air graphics and high-level channel branding.
VServer has powered the well know Vector 3 all-in-one range of playout servers since its inception but is also marketed alone to be controlled by third party playout automation systems. As with all its forerunners, this VServer model is built on COTS hardware guaranteeing affordability and ease of maintenance. Characteristic of the VServer it gives a fully populated image with video, effects and graphics. It will fit in any workflow thanks to its comprehensive connectivity and the wide range of wrappers and compression schemes that it supports. 
The model of VServer that supports Ventuz graphics boasts an extremely powerful NVidia board whose GPU performs the intricate calculations that top-quality 3D graphics require. Just some years ago, a huge computer would have taken hours to do much less of what is now possible in the brief moment of a frame. Ventuz set of tools makes it easy to handle this astonishing power, offering the graphic artists complete freedom of creativity paired with full control of the creation. Audiences will be wondered by this fully developed, new concept of channel branding that enhances the positioning of the TV station to premium world class.

This amazing integration will be shown in NAB 2018 in both Vector 3 and Ventuz stands working at UHD quality. Come and take a look these latest offerings in the high end of the TV market.


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