Vector 3 presents new products at NAB 2015

Barcelona, Spain – February 2015 -- Barcelona, Spain – March 2015 -- The channel-in-a-box originator, Vector 3 (booth N3624) will unveil in NAB 2015 VectorBox XL and VectorBox LT, the new offsprings of the long VectorBox saga. These two models boast respectively XMIO 3 and LE4, the most recent additions to the Matrox portfolio, and represent a new chapter in the 20 years collaboration that reshaped landscape of TV industry by starting the use of videocards to create IT based videoservers, now a standard practise. In regards to this, it is noticeable how these two companies are again setting the path by no going with the current strong flow of assuming that software can do all so cheap I/O boards can substitute full blown ones that boast powerful dedicated DVEs, framebuffers, blenders, etc.

There are things that are better done by hardware

Everybody in the TV business knows that extensive use of software and computer equipment has improved flexibility, reliability and profitability of broadcast facilities. However, everybody knows that some small areas have never been properly covered by non broadcast dedicated equipment. Who has not seen a faulty fade or a jumping ticker when the software-only DVE or frame buffer has not been able to solve the millions of equations in the blink between two frames. This is the reason that the dedicated hardware not only exists but is recovering its prestige as the only guarantee to perfect on-air quality, after some years of “software-can-do-everything” illusion. Special purpose circuits can always do things faster and better than general purpose circuits. The challenge is to combine both kinds to obtain the optimal combination of performance and flexibility.

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Vector 3 develops high performance IT-based broadcast systems. Delivering playout automation, multiformat videoservers with built-in effects and graphics, and all the tools for managing a file-based workflow, Vector 3 systems match and surpass the most demanding requirements for multichannel playout, channel branding, commercial disconnection, and disaster recovery.

Over the last thirty 30 years, Vector 3 has pioneered the introduction of IT into broadcasting master control, automation and playout, achieving many industry firsts including the first frame accurate PC-based automation system, the first PC-based video server, the first format-agnostic video server, and the first distributed multichannel IT-only playout system.

Supported by a global network of system integrators and engineers, Vector 3’s solutions are used around the world by more than a thousand broadcasters, for multi-site multichannel broadcasting, single-channel operation, and business continuity. For more information on Vector 3 and its products, visit

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