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Barcelona, Spain – September 26th, 2019 – Vector 3 has released a brand-new version of its VBox News Client, to control programming in live studio conditions such as news programmes. It is fully integrated with ENPS and Octopus NCRS as well as with some other prestigious operators in the market.
This News Client is part of the ongoing development and renewal of the Vector 3 suite of solutions. The new user interface was presented at the IBC 2018 and has been progressively implemented across the Vector3 product range. 
These developments build on the heritage of Vector3 solutions developed over more than 30 years, with a fresh "look & feel" as well as enhancing the control operators have on the programme output, they are responsible for. 
This new paradigm in command and control of News and Playout operations not only increases the operational efficiency where operators can control multiple streams of output but allows the control of multiple channels located in remote locations around the globe.
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