Bloomberg launches Bloomberg TV Mongolia with VectorBox

Bloomberg TV Mongolia


Bloomberg Mongolia in partnership with The Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB) announced the official launch the last 8th October 2012. Kit Digital has supplied Vector 3's VectorBox 8000HD for automatic playout & ingest TV. The system is configured with a main playout (MCR) and a parallel system to act as backup, just in case main VBox fell, the backup guarantees broadcasting.


The Bloomberg Mongolia's backup consists in a VectorBox active redundancy monitorized by Autovia. It acts as an external controller and in the event of failure it activates the assigned backup. Main advantage of having this automatization system is that you can go on with the broadcast even if there is a failure in the MCR. The result is a certainty of safe air for Bloomberg TV Mongolia , who was searching for a reliable and redundant TV management system.

In addition, the VBox recorder allows Bloomberg TV Mongolia to receive an external TV signal (from satellite, studio, etc.), record it and instantly send it to the SAN central storage. From there, it will be aired in best quality (HDTV). This way, something you're receiving at the moment can be played out with very little delay. While still receiving the signal with Time Delay (TDir) function Bloomberg TV Mongolia may air it.

Solutions and workflow

VBoxNews is another product from Vector 3 that Kit Digital has supplied to Bloomberg TV Mongolia. VBoxNews is a specialized software that works with the same hardware than VectorBox to be used in live programmes such as news bulletins, so that it adapts to live programs and if there's a need to repeat clips or to go from one clip to another, it can be done in order to adjust to the step outline's times. The VBoxNews is linked to the newsroom system Octopus through MOS protocol. Therefore, the playlist is sent from Octopus to VboxNews and Octopus receives the online status from the VboxNews.

Finally, Bloomberg TV Mongolia uses for disconnections the Event Trigger software. It is a flexible external trigger interface that allows accurate control synchronization between global and local programming. Using Event Trigger, Bloomberg Mongolia can connect/disconnect between its own signal and that of Bloomberg Hong Kong or Bloomberg London. After the Hong Kong or London's programmes they go back to Bloomberg Mongolia's playlist using the pulse embedded in the VANC.


 Bloomberg facilities

Bloomberg facilities


Glyn Bartlett, Head of Sales for Vector 3, thinks Bloomberg TV Mongolia trusted in Vector 3’s products because of the wide variety of possibilities they offer. They chose our “channel-in-a-box” pack because it was the best solution according to HD TV quality and reliability. Over 25 years of experience in developing leading play out solutions for broadcast borne out Vector 3, and still, we reinvent ourselves in order to offer our customers, like Bloomberg TV Mongolia, the best solution for them.

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