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During the last edition of IBC show in Amsterdam we met our friend Mirko Sedlak, Technical Director of RTV Atlas in Montenegro. RTV Atlas is the media and communication subsidiary company of Atlas Group, the best Banking Group in Montenegro appointed in 2010 by World Finance magazine. In IBC2013 we got the chance to talk about their great experience with Vector 3 products and to show them our newest projects we are about to focus on in the near future.


RTV Atlas is a modern broadcasting and media production company based on digital technology solutions. RTV Atlas was born in december 2006 as a versatile media group that includes all passionate hearts of the Atlas radio and television. It has developed a completely technical television ruled by organizational personnel and programmatic infrastructures that laid the foundations of modern television in Montenegro.

RTV Atlas offers programs to a big variety of audiences because they broadcast lots of show programs, sport events like Premiere League and Moto GP, British documentaries, TV series, music programs and movies. RTV Atlas emerged as a media platform fresh and original. Their Montenegrin TV station has the yearly largest raise of rating because of their fresh and innovative programs, modern look and the daily challenge of objective television.

In 2006 Vector 3 and RTV Atlas worked together to build a playout system adjusted to Atlas TV needs for broadcasting. RTV Atlas provides a high degree of productivity and diversity of the program with the highest standards of production and that is the reason why they thought Vector 3 would be the best choice for playout. RTV Atlas can be seen in Montenegro through cable operators and Total TV. The coverage is Europe, Scandinavia and part of Africa (on Satellite Eutelsat W2). Also, RTV Atlas distributes their program in Australia, North America via fiber connections from London.

Solutions and workflow

Because of the national and international broadcast Atlas TV offers, it had to work with two VectorBox (VBox T and VBox S) for terrestrial and satellite broadcast. Atlas TV program is the same for both channels and the only difference between them is the advertisement’s running order. One of the VectorBox takes control over the other one.

Atlas TV uses VectorBox’s metadata to create templates and television corporate images which can be edited by software called Imagena that can work with Adobe Premier Pro2, PhotoShop, etc. The edited materials are transferred from one VectorBox to the other through Media Copier. To manage the live SMS of the television they work with TATAMIA, which is totally compatible with VectorBoxes.

RTV Atlas station


The main reason RTV Atlas chose Vector 3 to for their playout system is we offered the possibility of very straightforward integration with other vital elements in the broadcast chain such as A/V routers, servers, DVD players, etc. Also, the fact that from the very beginning VectorBox playout and automation is integrated through SQL base running software for scheduling, commercial playout and billing was decisive. The only step of the playout that is not automated is the sending of the .xml file to the system. The Marketing Department takes care of it, rest is automatic.

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