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One of the technologies that is growing importance in the industry is that of ad-insertion. Globalization has created broad audiences that can share the same TV channel but the profitability of the channels requires advertisements to be different from one region to another. In recent years Vector 3 has supplied systems for some largest playout centres devoted to ad-insertion. It is a product particularly well suited for this purpose due to some key factors such as modularity, scalability and flexibility. Added to this, the smart management of redundancy allows a maximization of the equipment invested as backup. In the following text we will explain how to design and quote a facility for ad-insertion using VectorBox technology.

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IT-based Playout Automation Redundancy Options

Some concepts such as “scalability”, “reliability”, “compatibility”, “flexibility”, etc. are so broadly used in commercial literature that its meaning becomes blur. One of these worn-out terms is “redundancy”. This document provides an overview of the redundancy options available with leading IT playout solutions, but draws on standards from academic engineering journals regarding concepts and terminology.

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The master control room

After many years of changes in the playout automation industry, the master control room today has become a full IT facility as Vector 3 assumed that would happen.

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The computer revolution

It has taken decades for computers to be accepted by broadcast engineers and master control room staff. In this paper we will take a look back and see how this acceptance came about and why it took so long.

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